Terri Rosedain was a tribute in Mysims' 105th Hunger Games, which had triple the amount of usual tributes, making there be 72 tributes instead of the usual 24.


She lived in District 10 with her Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Aunt and Cousins. Her family was very tight-knit, and they all lived very close together, even working in the same place.


Terri voulenteered for her little sister, Cathy Rosedain (created by Mysims) and was selected to participatre in the games.

Chariot RidesEdit


The GamesEdit


Terri was one of the 4 victors. Yay! She returned home to District 10, happily living as a filthy rich person ho had to recieve therapy once a week for the rest of her life.

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