These are the tributes that competed in all of my games, in order of district and then place.

The 103rd Hunger GamesEdit

Ore "Snake" Cole

Emily Hatches

Matt Coupe

Thalia Combe

Tim de Winter

Michelle Volts

Derek Trike

Zara Lancaster

James Garcia

Nina Garcia

Norman Hantor

Lynette "Lynnie" Handsows

Sam Mason

Aurora Wilde

Leo Milan

Luna Snare

Ashley Barnston

Daniella "Dani" Valtas

Christian Lorne

Kayleen Quaid

Randy Stevens

Mia Luke

Ethan Stone

Yasmin Haken

The 104th Hunger GamesEdit

The 105th Hunger GamesEdit

The 106th Hunger GamesEdit

The 107th Hunger GamesEdit

The 108th Hunger GamesEdit

Maroon Cutter

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